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Environmental Policy - Security Companies London

Environmental Policy for Security Companies in London

As a professional security company in London, we are fully concious of the impact that our activities have on the environment. Our goal is to have the least impact on the environment. We are very proactive as far as preserving the environment is concerned.

Following are some of the measures we have taken to become environment friendly:

  • Protect natural habitats as much as possible.
  • Prevent Pollution and minimize waste.
  • Conduct awareness campaigns for our suppliers and partners.
  • Make the best working practices at the workplace.
  • Cut any other activities making a negative impact on environment.
  • Make efficient use of resources.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

All these measures facilitate economic growth and social progress. We do our utmost to become responsible stewards of the environment. We always strive to continuously improve in becoming more and more environment friendly.

Ace Security fully complies with the legal duties and requirements put upon us. We are committed to maintain the best standards of environmental management in our operations.

We make sure all our staff adheres to and takes part in implementing our environment policy. We also make sure they are able to carry out their operations without any risks to the environment.

We have procedures in place to identify potential hazards to the environment. This helps us make sure proper preventive measures are taken.

We make available to our staff all the necessary tools, equipment and training that will help them implement this environment policy of ours. In response, we expect them to co-operate with the top management fully to protect our environment.

The top management monitors this policy and its implementation on a regular basis. This helps us make sure the policy is up-to-date and applicable. We are fully dedicated to preserve our environment and will not make any compromise in the implementation of this policy.

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