Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy for Security Companies in London

Health & Safety Policy for Security Companies in London

As a responsible security company in London, we are committed to providing health and safety for our staff. Security staff is often at daily risk of threats, injury, abuse and physical assault.

We give top priority to make sure that our workplace and environment are healthy and safe. We also provide our staff with personal protective equipment. Other than that, we always make available clean drinking water to our employees. We also give utmost attention on the hygiene of toilets and washing facilities, so the employees don’t contract any diseases.

We make sure our employees are safe from any injury or illness on the workplace. We also hold seminars and talks to make our employees aware of any health and safety hazards. They get a briefing on fire procedures teaching them what they need to do if a fire breaks out. We also train them on what to do when they are faced with violence or physical assault while doing their job.

Other than that, we also make sure our employees have a warm and comfortable restroom available. If they are not allowed to leave the premises, then we make sure that drinks and warming food is available.

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