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Building Security in London

Ace Security provides first-class building security services in London. We offer building security for various kinds of building structures. These include commercial office buildings, banks, hospitals, factories, warehouses, etc.

We realize that each building is unique. A residential apartment is different from a commercial plaza. An office space has different needs than a shopping mall. So, the plan to secure each building should be unique. Our approach to securing the building is to first understand the specific requirements of each building.

Building Security Plan to Suit Your Specific Needs

Our staff makes an analysis of each building before making a security plan. The analysts will survey the building to assess the security needs. The focus of the analysis is to find security loopholes and weaknesses in the building. The analysis covers a wide range of potential safety vulnerabilities at the site.

The analysts will inspect the location of the building, any assets located inside and the immediate surroundings. Our analysts then make a plan to cover any security loopholes identified during the analysis.

Different Types of Building Security

If you need us to secure your residential or commercial building, we can give you multiple options to do so. We can provide you both unarmed and armed security guards. The unarmed staff generally deals with the front desk security, reception and concierge. They will wear proper suits and neckties and their job is to secure access to the building. performing access control duties or armed security guards in full tactical gear, our security guards are up to the task.

We also provide armed security officers in uniform. They can provide door security, physical protection of assets, and patrolling of the building.

Some people might think that having security cameras is a better way to secure a building. It is our firm belief that protecting a building by having guards is far better than having cameras. That is because unlike cameras, security guards have thinking brains, that are capable to solve real-time problems. They can adjust their security plans based on real-time things happening at the site.

The best security solution would be to have both things implemented in your building. Cameras and alarms help the security in many ways. Having security guards in uniform solidifies the security even more.

Our Building Security Guards

Our security team knows London city inside out. Our staff is competent and thorough in their security. Our staff has vast experience in securing a wide range of buildings in and around London.

Our security protocol puts the highest priority on the safety of people. The next important thing is to secure assets and operations on the building facility.

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